Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Buku Baru Tracy Chevalier

Hari ini buku pesanan gue dateng... Buku Tracy Chevalier yang baru, judulnya 'Burning Bright'. Dan di dalamnya ada tanda tangan Tracy Chevalier. Ini nih, sinopsis singkatnya:

No. 13 Hercules Buildings, Lambeth, 1792. Poet, artist, and printer William Blake - local eccentric and political radical - works anonymously amidst the raucous din of a teeming, jittery London. Across the Channel, revolution is imploding in France. Nearby, the renowned Astley's Circus is rehearsing its upcoming show, and next door the Kellaway family, recently arrived from the countryside, is moving in. Maggie Butterfield, the streetwise daughter of a local rogue, is looking for trouble - or at least a friend. When she and young Jem Kellaway are dawn into Blake's spell, the chance meeting of three unusual souls sets the stage for an impassioned journey. Jem and Maggie spark for an impassioned of the poet, influencing one of the greates and most mystical works in English literature, Songs of Innocence and of Experience.

Tracy Chevalier
Dutton, March 2007
311 Hal.
ISBN: 978-0-525-94978-7


Kobo Chan said...

pesen di mana Fer?


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